Recently B and I relocated. Not only are we residing in a new city, but a whole new state as well. One of the greatest advantages to this move is our new home. It is the most amazing, adorable, and alluring (like that? Watch out Dr. Seuss!) cottage near Lake Erie. This is a most dramatic change from our old Chicago, above a bar, next to a bus stop, near a hospital with sirens a-blazing apartment. Not that we didn’t love it, but this is a needed respite from the hustle and bustle of downtown city living. One of the most exciting changes? We have a backyard! Yes, a piece of dirt to call our own. We can plant things! We can cook outdoors! We can lay in the grass and take a nap! All and all it is a much needed change of pace.

All of this outdoor time has gotten me thinking about how we can improve our little back yard into a haven of our own. With this I’d like to introduce a new segment aptly named “Garden Porn”. Here you will find visual stimuli intended to create awe and wonder for black and green thumbs alike.

Garden Porn Part 1…

Thanks to my dear Aunt Sally. Her back deck and garden have served as a serene space for warm family meals, escape from the stresses of life, and general merriment for years.



B is the taste tester extraordinaire. Always willing to lend a taste bud or two for my newest culinary endeavor. And this is one of his favorite dishes, hands down. A simple cheese burger, pilled high with all the fixins. I think I’ll indulge his palate this evening with a burger on the grill. 

Isn’t this the best birthday idea? I don’t know about you, but I love receiving letters in the mail. You know, those things written on paper and mailed in a envelope. And yes, from someone other than the cable company. My Mom’s sixtieth birthday is coming up. I think I might fill her mailbox with joy.


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